Never ending “Updating text nodes.” vBulletin 5 - step 11 or 25

Posted 3 years ago

This may seem like it’s crashed, however it’s expected to do this.

It’s currently converting all threads/posts into a text node, if you have a lot of posts, this will take quite some time. I updated a forum which had almost 1.5 million posts and I just left it running in the background.

I had to process the upgrade in the browser as I kept experiencing syntax errors in the command line. (I just have to keep an eye on timeout issues)

To run in your browser, use the following command.

Navigate to the forum.

Note the below command would need to be updated for where your forum is place on the server.

Within your folder, go to the install

cd /var/www/vhost/domain/public_html/forum_location/core/install/

From here you want to run the upgrade.

php -f upgrade.php

If for any reason your terminal window would loose connection, this will break the upgrade, you can run the below command to ensure the file continues to run even if you loose connection.

nohup php -f upgrade.php &