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DBSEO problem special characters in URL’s after migrating from VBSEO

When migrating from DBSEO to VBSEO you may notice that some of your URL's change slightly. Hypothetically our link is with "Forum -> What's New" which would generate a url of "/forum/whats-new" in and ideal world, however when I migrated I was being returned "/forum/what-s-new" To overwrite this, use the legacy settings within DBSEO. You should now see "/forum/whats-new"

Strict Standards: Non-static method vBSEO_Storage::path() should not be called statically in

When upgrading vbulletin and using the VBSEO plugin you may be prompt with Strict Standards: Non-static method vBSEO_Storage::path() should not be called statically This is due to your PHP version being too high. You either need to come up with a way to get rid of VBSEO or downgrade your PHP version

Display code to just an admin in vBulletin 5

When skinning a template in vBulletin 5, you may need to 1, check if there's a user and two check if that user is an admin. Use the command to perform a conditional check. // Code only viewable to a admin You can take this a step further and show one piece of code to an admin and something else to other users. // Code only viewable to a admin // Code viewable to all other users

Disable hooks or products in vBulletin through the config

If you're having issues with vBulletin and hooks/products you can disable them by adding the following line into your front end config Define ('DISABLE_HOOKS', true); The file is located in the root of your forum install config.php

Never ending “Updating text nodes.” vBulletin 5 - step 11 or 25

This may seem like it's crashed, however it's expected to do this. It's currently converting all threads/posts into a text node, if you have a lot of posts, this will take quite some time. I updated a forum which had almost 1.5 million posts and I just left it running in the background. I had to process the upgrade in the browser as I kept experiencing syntax errors in the command line. (I just have to keep an eye on timeout issues) To run in your browser, use the following command. Navigate to…

vBulletin crashing during upgrade at 4.2.3 - vBulletin 4 to 5

I had this problem and after tailing the errors logs on a Plesk server tail -f /var/www/vhosts/domain.com/logs/error_log I noticed mod_fcgid: read data timeout in 45 seconds, referer: followed by Premature end of script headers: upgrade.php, referer: to fix this issue you need perform the following commands vi /etc/httpd/conf.d/fcgid.conf Find FcgidIOTimeout and change the timeout from 45 to something a little larger, lets say 600. Why is this a problem? In previous versions of vb, there's a…