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AutoSSL not renewing cPanel certificate - HTTPS

This is a quick and simple one, WHM/cPanel was failing to renew my SSL certificates, this was down to the fact the domain was locked down by IP for development purposes. I noticed this in the SSL Status within the cPanel dashboard. I was being returned a 403 server code. This may not be your issue but hopefully it saves some time for someone.

Do I need spaces in my TXT (DNS) records?

When editing the raw DNS zone file, the data (value) of the TXT record needs to be wrapped in double-quotes if it contains spaces (SPF and DKIM records). However, you often have a editor which does the leg work for you and wraps quotations round the value of your TXT record (such is the case if you're using a WYSIWYG/form) I generally like to edit the DNS file directly and wrap with quotes to ensure it's not going to error