Spaces in either AFP/SMB: Connect a Mac to a drive that contains spaces

Posted 2 years ago

My issue I had was I knew the credentials of the top level folder smb:// however I needed to connect to a folder within that /Folder With Spaces.

To solve this, log in with the top level credentials, navigate to the particular folder you want and press “cmd + i”  to get the information on that folder. Under “General”  You’ll see “Server” this is the location that folder. Copy that string, in my case it’s “afp:// With Spaces”, go to finder, press “cmd + K” and paste your copied link in.


  • Navigate to the folder you want to map to
  • Press cmd + i
  • Within general copy the server path
  • Go to finder
  • Press cmd + K
  • paste in the link and connect