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Install Node / NPM via Homebrew

Homebrew is a package manager for Mac, if you haven't already installed it go ahead and follow this link To install node run these commands. $ brew update $ brew uninstall node $ brew install node $ brew postinstall Note: the uninstall node may fail if you don't have node installed on your machine currently, this just makes sure to remove any hangover files from potential previous installs.

Spaces in either AFP/SMB: Connect a Mac to a drive that contains spaces

My issue I had was I knew the credentials of the top level folder smb:// however I needed to connect to a folder within that /Folder With Spaces. To solve this, log in with the top level credentials, navigate to the particular folder you want and press "cmd + i" to get the information on that folder. Under "General" You'll see "Server" this is the location that folder. Copy that string, in my case it's "afp:// With Spaces", go to finder, press "cmd + K" and…

Unable to write to external hard drive (Maxtor M3 1tb)

If you're having trouble writing to an external hard drive, you need to. Connect the external drive Navigate to Download the paragon driver and restart