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Atom not showing folders ignored by .gitignore in editor/treeview

We're not sure whether this is a bug with the latest release or not, but what solved this is; Open up atom Edit config - "Atom > Config" Search for hideVcsIgnoredFiles Change to false 'tree-view': 'hideVcsIgnoredFiles': false Update This is not a bug, you can easily update it here.

Emmet tab to expand not working in Atom

Launch atom, in the menu bar go to "Atom" > "Keymap" Paste the following line in: 'atom-text-editor:not([mini])': 'tab': 'emmet:expand-abbreviation-with-tab' This worked perfectly for me, however you may require a restart.

How to get an image of a YouTube video

YouTube makes it really easy for you to return images from a video. Each video will generate 4 individual images, accessed here. // Background Thumbnail (480x360 pixels)<youtube-id-here>/0.jpg // Thumbnail (120x90 pixels)<youtube-id-here>/1.jpg // Middle Thumbnail (120x90 pixels)<youtube-id-here>/2.jpg // Final Thumbnail (120x90 pixels)<youtube-id-here>/3.jpg…

What is an “mso” file?

Files with the .mso extension are created by Microsoft Office 2000 applications such as Microsoft Word. When sending an HTML message with MS Word using Outlook the message will attach a .mso file for people who are not using Outlook, this enables the file to display correctly when viewing attachments and you're not using the same software.