[Solved] Can’t login to DFP - unauthorized access after Google Apps for Business migration

Posted 3 years ago

Ok, I’ve rattled my brains over and over but I’ve managed to the solve the excruciating problem with DFP after migrating to Google Apps for Business. Follow these steps and you should be on your way.
See below for a condensed version of the steps.

Just a couple of prerequisites, you’re going to need access to both the main account and your new account be it your business address or your gtemp address.

Grant access

Ok, firstly, within the main admin account log in and make sure your new account has access to Adsense (That’s not a typo, we need access to Adsense). FYI, triple check you have granted yourself access as you can’t move forward if not.

A problem you may encounter
A problem I had, was, I had logged into Adsense with the main account and sent my gmail account a invitation to become an administrator on Adsense, upon receiving the invitation and logging in to confirm myself. I was hit with a “We’re sorry but you do not have access to this service” message, at this point I was pulling my hair out as I was confirming a receipt. Anyway, make sure you have granted yourself top level access to Adsense through the admin panel with the main account (step one).

Deactivate previous accounts within DFP

This was another tricky one to solve as it’s not in your face intuitive. No matter how many times I tried to log in to DFP I couldn’t as I had a account prior to the migration which was conflicting. I had to deactivate my account and then create a new user.

Log out and switch browsers

I kept coming across “https://www.google.com/dfp/missingPropertyCookie?destinationUri=%2F&auser=0” after I deactivated (you cannot delete accounts) and re-added my user. I was still being met with “missingPropertyCookie”. Log out of your account and accept the new invitation to administer the account. I had the problem where some cookies were affecting the logging in stage, I used a completely different browser for the initial logging in.

You should now have access to the account.

Condensed steps.

  • Ensure you have top level access to Adsense.
  • Grant yourself access to Adsense and then accept the invitation
  • Deactivate your previous account on DFP
  • Add your user back to DFP
  • Copy the invitation link from your email and log out of all accounts
  • In a new browser go to your invitation link
  • You should now have access